I’m passionate about helping small businesses grow with authentic messaging.

That’s why I write copy that’s true to your brand, connects to your readers in their kishkes, and keeps them scrolling for more.

Hi there, I’m Esther and here’s my story-

I love people-watching and understanding human behaviors and emotions.

As I child, I knew I was a writer. I slept with a notebook under my pillow. I submitted my poetry to contests, sometimes even won. As an adult, I pushed my passion aside for the more serious business of “making a living”.

But my writing didn’t walk away and sulk. It tap-tapped me on both shoulders and got in my face and demanded attention.
Then I discovered copywriting. The perfect bridge between my writing and people-interest.

These days, I get to sit by my laptop with a steaming coffee, or carton of raspberry truffle and white chocolate ice cream and write my clients’ businesses into an upward arrow. Am I allowed to call this work?

Today, I help my clients uncover their brand story, message, and voice.

And that’s how they connect to their best clients and strongest growth.

Esther has been my copywriter now for over a year and she took PROSPR from zero marketing material to a business with a clear voice and mission. Her ability to capture my voice and style in her writing is uncanny. Her writing style is simple yet deep and really resonates with my target audience. Not only does she write well, but I also call her for marketing advice and she guides me with my best interest and goals in mind.
Simi Mandelbaum
President & Founder at PROSPR Financial Wellness

Are you ready to lift your bottom line?